Welcome to Flypower Arbi

In 2002, Hariyanto Arbi, the world champion in men’s singles in 1995, founded his own Badminton brand. Flypower Arbi was born! The philosophy of the game of the former world class player is consistently found in his products: uncompromising offensive tactics coupled with tactical finesse and physical dominance. All Flypower products suffice the claim to support all athletes in the persuit of optim…ized performance.

In Asia Flypower Arbi is already established as a Badminton-outfitter and several Asian world-class players, Markis Kido and Hendra Setawan, the world champions in men’s doubles in 2007, rely in their games on Flypower Arbi!

Of course the stars of today bring their knowledge and experience – gathered on the courts of the world – to the development of new rackets, shoes and textiles. Flypower Arbi products are for 100 percent developped from athletes for athletes. The successful establishment of the brand in the Asian
Badminton World followed in 2011 consistently the step on the European market.

Improve your game. PLAY FLYPOWERED !